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A French player specialized in complex spinal surgery with a global offer composed of software, implantable devices and associated services.

Our ambition

"To optimize the surgical procedure with a holistic range of solutions in order to restore patients' sagittal balance in a sustainable manner." 

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Today, the standard treatment for spinal pathologies, arthrodesis, faces two important limitations:
1) most implants prevent precise execution of spinal surgery
2) the latter is insufficiently organized, which can lead to inaccurate interventions and risky and costly reoperations

In the arthrodesis market, estimated at 3 billion dollars1, SMAIO is one of the few players able to overcome these two limitations thanks to an approach that has been designed from the outset as global and integrated, providing the surgeon with a complete surgical strategy for a lasting result. This innovative approach is embodied in SMAIO's i-Kontrol platform, which is based on three pillars: precise planning, customized execution and long-term patient follow-up.
1 The Millennium Research Group

Our innovative approach: i-Kontrol, a global and integrated platform



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Big Data(1) for spine surgery


  • I-plan: precise surgical planning thanks to image analysis, Big Data and predictive algorithms

    Based on its KEOPS (KnowledgE base for Orthopaedic PhysicianS) data management platform, which lists more than 100,000 patient cases operated on in the last ten years, SMAIO provides surgeons with a precise roadmap to enable them to choose the best surgical strategy for positioning implants and restoring the shape of the back that is best suited to each patient.

    (1) SMAIO is developing an algorithm for restoring the physiological shape of the back based on a database of more than 100,000 patient files.

  • I-perform optimal assisted surgical execution thanks to implants and custom-made guides

    SMAIO offers assisted execution of the surgical procedure based on the roadmap drawn up during the planning phase with the aim of optimally restoring the patient's balance. Using morpho pedicle aiming guides adapted to the anatomy of each vertebra, the specifically designed pedicle screws, precisely implanted in each pedicle, generate a progressive realignment of the spine on custom-bent rods and harmoniously drive the non-operated segments and the pelvis into an economic position respecting the morphology of each patient.

  • I-check: patient quality of life monitoring and surgeon training

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    The KEOPS platform allows for the monitoring of patients' quality of life by surveying them at different postoperative stages. The continuous analysis of the collected data and the cross-referencing of clinical and imaging parameters contribute to a continuous improvement process. In addition, SMAIO offers training programs aimed at teaching surgeons the best practices to restore patient balance in a safe and sustainable manner.